Bio: Biography & Methodology of my work. I have drawn and painted, from being a child. When I was at junior and secondary school, it was the only area I really excelled in.But as a teenager there were other distractions girls, music & socializing. Another area I excelled in (music & socializing). At the time of leaving school, I was offered an apprenticeship in Carpentry & Joinery, from Mr Norman Povey, who I will be ever grateful. I spent the next nine and half years working in a variety of building contract's working the length and breath of the UK. And while I was working in Romford in Essex, that I had a minor accident. And I was unable to work for about three weeks. It was during this time that I realised how unhappy I was. Chasing the money from job to job. It was then I decided to go back to night school, and pursue a career in which I was gong to be happy. And that's when I went to do Art & Design O'Level at the Gamble Institute for Art & Design in St.Helens. It was like swimming in a warm bath. Since that time I have never stopped creating, and I love every minute of it. I work between two world's, the sketch book and the computer. I was introduced to the Apple Mac LE II, at the Gamble, using digital darkroom and Aldus Pagemaker. My first taste of what could be achieved with this machine, I lost all fear of computer's. And I'm now a proud owner of a Mac G4, I no its 10 years old, but still works twice as fast as my PC which 4 years younger. Anyway my work, always start's with a blank canvas. Anything I see during the day or night can be a catalyst to start the creative process. At the moment I'm working on a tree I saw last month, at one of the craft fairs. What really fascinated me about the tree, was the fact that is was dead on the inside, and living and blooming on the outside. This sparked the idea I am currently put drawings to together for it. It is also has a double metaphor-1 life and death. 2-mans effect's on the world. With the life and death theme, it goes into a spiritual aspect, to the piece, the tree is representative of the cross, and the moral decay of man. I have never really pushed my spiritual side, but over the past ten years, it has been coming out of my work. Especially Is there an Angel out there? The key to the piece working on these two levels, is that it must look great, And should look not look clique shaded. For this reason I like to take time producing my work. All of my work is still evolving, growing, changing. When I start a piece, from its initial concept through its life, it can look completely different. And it's through the evolution of the piece, is when all the experimenting starts. After I have drawn the piece in the sketch book, I then scan it, and when in Adobe Photoshop, this is where the the character of piece start's to come alive, colour, light & texture are added and taken away. All my work must work on strict guidelines, first story, composition, colour, light and texture, without these strict guidelines then the piece will look like a mud bath. And I like to think that my work follows these, but you can judge for yourself. And the great thing about photoshop is the layers, with all the art I create layers are fundamental to the piece. Wether I am sketching, painting or using photoshop.

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